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April 28 - 30, 2023
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Lost & Found

Losing something is never fun, but Guest Services is here to help! The team has multiple ways to assist you in finding your lost stuff. See how to take preventative measures ahead of arriving or where to view found items in real time during and after the festival.

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Property Tags

Property Tags

Find a set of property tags in your welcome pouch and after registering your tag(s), attach them to items like your keys, wallet or a bag.

If they’re ever lost and turned into Lost & Found, the Guest Services team will scan the unique code on the tag to promptly contact you that your item was found! Even after the festival is over, there’s always shipping as a return option.

Didn’t receive a welcome box? Stop by the Lost & Found at the Mane Entrance to pick up a set of tags, while supply lasts. Find hours of operation in the FAQ below.

Protect Your Phone

Protect Your Phone

Register your phone and update your wallpaper with the provided lock screen. If it’s ever returned to Lost & Found, the team will scan the unique code on there to promptly contact you about your item! 

Lost & Found - Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is Lost & Found located?
Lost & Found at the festival is accessible to the Venue at the Mane Entrance. Not down for the walk? Stop by any Info Kiosk to view items with a Guest Services team member. View items ONLINE ANYTIME on this page or on the Stagecoach Festival Mobile App.
When is it open?
Our on-site hours of operation are Thursdays 11a-12a, Friday-Sundays 10a-2a, and Mondays 7a-12p, but you can view items ONLINE ANYTIME on this page or on the Stagecoach Mobile App.
What if I left the festival? How do I get my item back?
If you missed us during our hours of operation, and we’ve verified ownership with you, you can select shipping from your confirmation email. Shipping at owner’s expense.

How updated is the inventory on Lost & Found?
Items are added to the website as soon as they are turned in to our team. The website has the most up-to-date inventory we have received. 

What if I found something at the festival? Where do I turn it in?
Take found items to any Info Kiosk or to Lost & Found directly. Please DO NOT hand over items to random staff or guards.

I see my item! How do I get it back?
Submit a Claim for the item. The Lost & Found team may ask for additional details to verify ownership. Once confirmed, you’ll receive an email to pick up your item or have it shipped!
What if I don't see my item on the website?
We encourage you to submit an Alert. If an item similar to yours is turned in, you’ll get a notification to check the website.

What if I think my item was stolen?
We recommend filing a crime report with the Indio Police Department.