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If you are using a screen reader and are having problems using this website, please call (888) 226-0076 for assistance. Please note, this number is for accessibility issues and is not a ticketing hotline.
Lockers at Stagecoach

Why Reserve a Locker?


BE PREPARED! Store extra clothing so you’re prepared for hot desert days and chilly desert nights.


KEEP YOUR HANDS FREE! Why bother lugging around necessities that aren’t quite necessities 24/7?


KEEP YOUR STUFF PROTECTED! Snagging band merch is awesome until you have to carry it around all day. Stash your new swag in your locker.


WITH FRIENDS / NOT STRANGERS! At your own discretion. Please make sure the people who know your combination are responsible and trustworthy.

Lockers at Stagecoach

Locker Types

Medium Locker

Height 18” Width: 15” Depth 18”
Keyless / Set your own combo

Large Locker

Height 24” Width: 15” Depth 18”
Keyless / Set your own combo

XL Locker

Height 24” Width: 18” Depth 21”
Keyless / Set your own combo

No Longer Available
Lockers at Stagecoach

Locker Details

  • Lockers are available during show hours Friday-Sunday and are located inside the venue near the main entrance.
  • We’ll have a tent for you to change into new clothes.
  • Please return the combo lock to us by 1AM Sunday night/Monday am and claim your belongings, otherwise we’ll donate them.
  • Please don’t bring suit cases or bags that have items prohibited in the venue.
  • There are no lockers in the camping areas. (except Lake Eldorado).

$10 Security Deposit Refundable!

We’ll hold a $10 deposit and give it back to you in cash when you return the combo lock to us when you’re ready to head home.

Contact Our Lockers Team

For more information, please reach out to our locker team at lockers@stagecoachfestival.com. We usually start answering emails 30 days prior to the show day so please be patient and/or refer to the info we have on our Lockers FAQs.”