Locker Terms & Conditions

This contract shall not constitute an acknowledgment, consent, recognition, admission, or acceptance of value by TROPHY LOCKERS, INC. (hereinafter called TROPHY LOCKERS) of any property stored at its Indio, California facilities. Use of the Indio, California Storage Facilities, including Electric Charging Station Lockers owned and/or operated by TROPHY LOCKERS shall be construed as consent to ALL terms of this contract and ALL terms of use as posted on or near the storage facilities and locker service equipment. This contract shall not be modified except in writing by a duly authorized representative of TROPHY LOCKERS.

TROPHY LOCKERS has limited hours of operation. Retrieval of stored property shall only be made during such hours. TROPHY LOCKERS is not a BANK. The lockers are not safe deposit boxes. Items of extraordinary value should not be stored at TROPHY LOCKERS. Customers are advised to rent a safe deposit box at a BANK to store items such as, but without limitation, wallets, cash, jewels, and/or art objects.

TROPHY LOCKERS assumes no liability whatsoever for items such as, but without limitation, telephones, wallets, jewels, cameras, computers, iPads, computer tablets, antiques, art objects, car & house keys, weapons, medicine, documents, perishable goods, live plants or animals, loss of cash, nor incidental or consequential losses involving, but not limited to, missed airline flights (or other transportation), or loss of employment or loss of business and shall not be liable for loss of property due to customer’s loss of locker key. Customer understands and agrees that customer is renting a specific locker space only and possesses the only patron key or combination lock for in/out access of that locker space. Under no circumstances whatsoever shall a bailment be created between any customer and TROPHY LOCKERS. In no event shall the liability of TROPHY LOCKERS exceed one dollar ($1.00).

The storage of weapons, welding equipment, flammable, explosive, or any other inherently dangerous material is strictly prohibited. If possession of any item is illegal, storage of that item is prohibited. No items shall be stored in violation of any order or requirement imposed by any governmental agency or in violation of any law. All items left for storage are subject to visual or hand examination by TROPHY LOCKERS and/or law enforcement officials at any time and without prior notice. All personnel of TROPHY LOCKERS, GOLDENVOICE and STAGECOACH MUSIC FESTIVAL, including, but not limited to: employees, agents, and/or contractors shall be held harmless for performing such duties or following the written or verbal orders of any governmental authority.

All locker customers must have a valid ticket to the Festival to access the lockers. The locker patron key or the patron combination lock (hereafter called “patron key” & “patron lock”) issued by TROPHY LOCKERS is the only client claim check, and entitles the bearer to unlimited in/out privileges at no extra charge. Only one patron key or patron lock will be issued per locker. Sharing of the locker, the patron lock combination, or the patron key is not recommended. TROPHY LOCKERS shall not be liable for any loss due to sharing of the locker, the patron lock combination, or the patron key. Entry into the locker without the patron key or patron lock combination will require positive identification of the Lost Key / Combination Claimant, absolute proof of contents ownership, and payment of an additional service fee. NO EXCEPTIONS.

The patron key and patron lock remain the sole property of TROPHY LOCKERS at all times and a Refundable Patron Key or Patron Lock Deposit of twenty dollars ($20.00) is required prior to issuance of the patron key or patron lock and the locker storage space. The deposit is fully refundable upon return of the patron key or patron lock in good condition at the end of the Contracted Storage Period. A Twenty Dollar ($20.00) penalty shall be assessed if the patron key or patron lock is lost. Payment of Lost Key / Lost Lock Penalty, and ALL storage charges will be required prior to replacement of the lost patron key or patron lock.

All storage charges are payable in advance. NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES. The term of this contract begins on the calendar day for which storage is paid, and ends at midnight on the calendar day that the storage period expires, or at the end of the Festival, or when the customer returns the locker patron key to TROPHY LOCKERS and/or forfeits or collects the refundable patron key deposit from TROPHY LOCKERS – whichever occurs first. Refunds are NOT permitted for early termination of the Contracted Storage Period. The Contracted Storage Period is stated on the customer’s PayPal receipt or the Customer’s Locker Rental Agreement. The customer understands and agrees to the dates of the Contracted Storage Period and it shall NOT be prorated.

All storage charges are payable in advance and will continue to accrue at the applicable overtime storage rate until all left property is retrieved by customer. Overtime Storage Charges shall be calculated at the overtime rate of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per calendar day upon the expiration of the Contracted Storage Period.

Items left after termination of the Contracted Storage Period shall be subject to removal and disposal. Any property left after termination of Contracted Storage Period shall be subject to a lien by TROPHY LOCKERS and may be sold to satisfy the lien if the overtime storage charges and/or other charges due hereunder remain unpaid for fifteen (15) consecutive calendar days after expiration of the Contracted Storage Period. The amount of the lien shall include all costs and expenses including, but not limited to, overdue overtime storage charges, lock/key replacement penalties, attorneys’ fees, court costs and other expenses incurred by TROPHY LOCKERS in exercising any of its rights and remedies under law.

Festival Updates


Kick off your boots & enjoy Stagecouch weekend. Live performances, Q+A’s, and dance challenges will be streaming live from SiriusXM and the @Stagecoach Instagram, to your home sweet home.

Half-Pint Hootenanny

Cool off while enjoying fun and activities that will amuse kids & adults alike. Open 10am to 7pm daily!


Discover new & vintage fashion, unique 1-of-a-kind western wear + cool down with a cocktail while watching live music on the Horseshoe stage.

Lake Eldorado

Yeehaw for more camping options! Hang your hat in one of the new 2 person lodges or 4 person tents on Lake Eldorado.

Lockers on sale

Reserve in advance. Store extra clothing so you’re prepared for hot desert days and chilly desert nights.

Orville Peck

Stagecoach Spotlight – check out all of the tour dates!

Dance & Win Tix

Yee Haw! Show off your dancing skills for a chance to dance your way onto the Stagecoach HonkyTonk Dance Team.

Shipping soon!

The last day to update your shipping address is Feb. 5. Visit "Getting your Order" for all the details.

Ready to Stagecoach?

Time to turn up and throw down with Thomas Rhett, Carrie Underwood, Eric Church and the rest of the gang April 24-26.

Travel Packages Available

Take planning out of the Stagecoach equation by bundling festival passes with local hotel accommodations and shuttle transportation.

The Safari Campground Is Back!

Reserve a furnished tent or pull up in your own RV and get ready to slip on down to your very own private camping oasis.

2020 Dates Announced

Ready for another round? Save the dates Friday April 24th through Sunday April 26th 2020


Check back later for more updates on Stagecoach Festival 2020