RV Resort Options

2014 RV Resort FULL

Miss out on a resort space? Try these off-site camping options.

50 Amp
30 Amp
*RV Spots include a City of Indio imposed tax.

About the RV Resort

New For 2014

  • Rental RVs will be allowed
  • Borrowed RVs will be allowed
  • Eight RV resort wristbands per space will be issued
    (RV Resort Wristband holders must also have a paid festival wristband to access the RV Resort and Festival areas)


  • Close proximity to venue entrance
  • RE-Entry (In & Out) privileges to/from venue to camping
  • Toilets & hand washing stations
  • Free Showers
  • 24 hour medical & security presence
  • Food & beverage vendors
  • Internet cafe
  • Pedal cabs on site
  • Roving camp counselors for questions
  • General store filled with almost anything you might need or want
  • Locksmith on site (additional charges may apply)
  • Potable Water Trucks (additional charges may apply)
  • Pumping Trucks (additional charges may apply)
  • Supermarket Shuttles – If there is something you need missing from the onsite general store hop on our free shuttles to the local supermarket.


  • In the RV RESORT, Each 50 amp or 30 amp RV MUST have a minimum of 75′ electrical cord to run from each RV to the power source.
  • Power in the RV RESORT will be connected to a 30 amp or 50 amp power supply based on purchase choice.  In the event that an RV user over loads his/her 30 amp or 50 amp power source and “pops” their breaker, CAT will re-set the breaker one time and supply the RV owner with a warning.  If the breaker pops a second time, the RV triggering the issue will be disconnected from the power grid without a refund for the remainder of the event.

RV Spots & Standards

  • Each RV space is a 20×50 square foot area.
  • If your RV is towing a vehicle or additional travel trailer (that doesn’t fit in your assigned space) you must unhook and park the tow item in companion parking. Absolutely NO Towed motorized vehicles allowed in camping)! The $30 companion parking pass must be purchased in advance at the same time as the RV RESORT/festival pass. This also applies to any type of non motorized trailer being towed by your RV that doesn’t fit in your allotted 20×50 RV space.
  • All RV spaces require an RV to be in the space.
  • No branded / logo’d easy ups or tents allowed.
  • Pop up tents for shade are allowed.
  • Please note if you want to camp next to friends or relatives you need to travel together as we are unable to reserve campsites. No saving spaces. No exceptions. Arrive together to camp together, however please keep in mind that 50 AMP/30 AMP/Dry spaces are not mixed together.
  • All campers AND vehicles will be searched upon entry.
  • NO Wrapped / Sponsored Vehicles. Your RV/Trailer/Vehicle will be turned away at the Toll Booth if it has Ads/Marketing/Sponsors/Company Logos on it (rental company logos excluded).
  • All RVs, trailers & other such vehicles must be classified as a “vehicle made for sleeping” to enter RV RESORT.

RV Advisory

No vehicles other than the RV you are sleeping in are allowed into the campground. This includes any vehicle not towing a trailer/5th wheel. If you leave, there are no RV ins/outs regardless if you have a campsite or not. If you’re towing a trailer/5th wheel and decide to unhook and drive that vehicle outside of camping, it will not be allowed back into camping. It must be parked in the companion vehicle lot (if space is still available). This is for the safety of all campers.

For the safety of pedestrians, RV’s are not permitted to enter after 9pm on show days. RVs are not permitted to exit between the hours of 9:00pm and 1:00am Friday & Saturday and between 9:00pm and Midnight on Sunday. If you need to leave the festival early you must do so before or after those times. Once you exit the RV area you will not be allowed back. There are no RV in/out privileges.

Drugs & Alcohol

  • Each patron age 21 and older with proper I.D may enter the campgrounds with two of the following: Case of beer, alcohol in plastic bottle, or boxed wine.
  • No glass, glass containers, wine glasses, beer bottles, etc. Accidents can happen. There are mounted horses and barefoot children running around.
  • No drug paraphernalia or drugs allowed. These items will be confiscated.
  • Please review the alcohol policy.

General Info

  • Please note: The purchaser of the RV space must be present at check in with a festival pass. Space is non-transferable. Please review our RV Policy.
  • LIMIT eight paid ‘attendees’ per RV spot. (Kids 10 & Under are free do not count as part of the eight paid)
  • EVERYONE staying in your RV must have a festival pass. (Kids 10 & under excluded)
  • RV spaces DO NOT include ‘festival’ passes.
  • There must be at least one or more Festival passes purchased with in an RV spot order. The others staying in the RV with you may purchase their own festival passes separately. You will still receive eight RV resort wristbands for yourself and your guests staying with you.
  • email info@stagecoachfestival.com with any more questions after you’ve read this page
  • Limit ONE RV space per billing/household.
  • 50 amp / 30 amp / Dry spots are not mixed together. They are each grouped by ampage.
  • NO SAVING SPACES – Arrive together, camp together (per ampage)
  • ALL RV spaces are good for onsite camping the entire weekend.
  • Resort opens Thursday, April 24th at 8am. Check out Monday, April 28th at 10am.
    *RVs can check in starting at 8am on Thursday until 2am Friday, and starting again on Friday morning at 8am until 9pm or Saturday morning 8am until 8pm or Sunday morning 8am until 3pm. 24 hours for pedestrians checking in from companion parking.  *times subject to change.
  • RV spaces include a City of Indio imposed tax. READ ABOUT IT HERE.
  • Review the LAYAWAY INFO on this page.

Required Reading

Companion Parking

Buy Now
• Overnight •

Overnight companion vehicle parking pass for visitors of RV camping party driving separately from the RV they are staying with. Adjacent to RV Resort. No vehicle ins/outs. No vehicle entry from 9pm-12am Fri-Sun. Parking only/NO camping in this lot. Must purchase this pass in the same order with a festival pass. Limit 2 per household order. Campers may go on foot in/out from venue to this lot during the festival.

Companion Parking Lot

  • An RV Companion Vehicle parking pass is required for additional vehicles belonging to members RV camping party that will be parked overnight.
  • Passes must be purchased in the same order as a festival pass. Limited to two per household.
  • Located adjacent to the Stagecoach RV Resort
  • No vehicle ins/outs to this lot. Once your vehicle exits it will not be allowed back into this lot.
  • No camping in the companion lot.
  • No vehicle entry from 9pm-12am Fri-Sun.
  • No golf carts, dune buggies, off road motorcycles, segways, horses, etc of any kind.



When/How about checking into the RV Resort?

Check in times:
Thu 4/24: 8am – Friday 2am.  Do not show up earlier.
Fri 4/25: 8 am – 9 pm
Sat 4/26: 8 am – 8 pm
Sun 4/27: 8 am – 3pm
Monday – Check out by 10am
*times subject to change.
For the safety of pedestrians, RV’s are not permitted to enter after those posted times on show days. RVs are not permitted to exit the RV RESORT between the hours of 9;00 pm and 1:00 am Friday & Saturday or 9:00 pm to 12:00 am on Sunday. Once you exit the RV area you will not be allowed back. There are no RV in/out privileges.

Can I bring food/beverages/chair and a cooler into the RV RESORT?

Yes, excluding glass bottles. NO GLASS ANYTHING – Mounted Horses & barefoot children at play. NO KNIVES.

Can I bring alcohol into the RV RESORT?

CLICK HERE to review the alcohol policy.

May I have a campfire?

Campfires, fire pits, fire cages or any other open flame device are not permitted anywhere on the festival site. In other words, no.

May I use a stove to cook?

The use of a outdoor cooking appliance is not permitted anywhere on the festival site. RV’s may use their factory installed interior cooking appliance.

May I use a heater?

The use of any type of heating appliance is not permitted anywhere on the festival site. The only exception is RV’s may use their factory installed interior climate control appliances.

Can we/How can we camp next to each other if we are not arriving together?

We’re sorry but there are no saving spots for friends. You should travel together and arrive together and have same type of RV space (dry, 30 amp or 50 amp) as your friends in order to be placed next to each other.

DELIVERED RV?? Can I have someone deliver my RV?

If you plan on having your RV Delivered to the site, you MUST arrive in/with the RV with the person/people delivering your RV.  RV’s that show up without the original RV Resort spot purchaser/renter will be turned away. We recommend that you meet the delivery person at a remote location such as a Walmart and that you come to the site together.  Please note, only your RV will be allowed into the tollbooth area for check-in and no cars can accompany the RV through the checkin process.  Please also note that your RV will not be allowed into the checkin lot if you do not have your RV parking sticker posted according to sticker installation instructions and your *required “Renter, Borrower or Owner” paperwork.  If you are working with delivery people to bring your RV onto the festival grounds, we feel that the following options are your best bet.

1) Meet at a remote location and pick up your RV.  Bring it to the site and park it yourself.

2) If you need help parking/placing your RV and you are bringing your own vehicle: First, buy a companion pass for your additional car/vehicle. Meet the delivery person at a remote location and ride together in the RV to the site, temporarily leaving your car at the alternate meeting location.  Once the RV is placed, ride back you your meeting spot in the delivery person’s tow-vehicle, pick up your car, and come back to the site to park your car in the companion lot.

3) If you need help parking/placing your RV and you are bringing your own vehicle, plus you are renting/borrowing a motorized RV: First, make sure to purchase a companion parking pass for your vehicle. Meet at a remote location and ride in the RV with the delivery person to the site and have a friend drive your vehicle to the companion lot.  Once the RV is delivered, walk back to the companion lot to meet to meet your friend and give them a ride back to wherever they are parked. The delivery person can also walk back to the companion lot where they can be picked up by an associate.

4) If you need help parking/placing your RV and you are not bringing your own vehicle, take a taxi or car service to meet the delivery person at a remote location and ride together in the RV to the site.  Have the delivery person walk to the companion lot where they can be picked up by an associate.

Campgrounds are open during the following designated hours:

Stagecoach Camping Toll Booth hours (hours to check in)

Thur 8am – 2am

Fri 8am – 9pm

Sat 8am – 8pm

Sun 8am – 3pm


Pedestrians 24 hours


*An RV Resort spot will only be honored if the person who bought the pass is present at check in wearing a festival pass and camping pass, plus the proper paperwork corresponding to the type of RV we have on record:

OWNER – Proof of Registration, valid I.D, RV Resort Wristband AND Festival Wristband.

RENTER – Rental Company Service Agreement. Renter on agreement must be present with Valid ID, RV Resort Wristband AND Festival Wristband.

BORROWER- Permission letter from registered owner. Copy of registered owners registration and valid ID. RV spot purchaser must be named on permission slip and be present at on site check in with valid ID, RV Resort Wristband AND Festival Wristband.

Is there tent camping?

Sorry, no.

Where do all the people I am fitting into my RV spot park for the weekend?

You must buy them a companion parking pass or they must ride in your rv to the festival. Those are your only options.

Can we bring or make our own Slip-N-Slides?

For the safety of the entire campsite Slip-N-Slides will not be allowed.

Will there be free bathrooms/showers? Handicap accessible? Private?

Yes, there will free bathrooms and free showers available. Separate M/F trailers (with individual privacy) and there will be handicap accessible facilities for both as well.

Are there showers? What hours can you use the showers?

Yes will be FREE showers. Check back closer to the festival dates for hours.

Will there be food booths are a general store in the RV RESORT?

Yes there will be a store (all items are CASH ONLY).

Selling various sundry items which may include: Advil, Air Mattresses, Aloe Gel, Anacin, Band-Aids, Batteries AA, AAA, C, Benadryl, Bug spray, Chapstick, Cigarettes, Stagecoach festival merch (sweaters, tanks), Condoms, Disposable cameras, Ear plugs, Eye Drops, Ice Bags, Lighters, Lotion, Tent Stakes, Mini/ Small Flashlights, Mini Deodorant, Mini Hand Sanitizer, Mini soap bars, Motrin IB, Mouthwash, Neosporin, Pepto, Rolaids, Sunscreen, Tampons, Rope, Tissue packets, Toothpaste/Toothbrush combo pack, Water, Tylenol, Wet-one Wipes, Tents, tent stakes etc. Yes there will be a food court. (all items are CASH ONLY)
Selling various food items which may include: BBC – Kabobs, Salads, Breakfast items, Pizza, Coffee Drinks and Smoothies, Breakfast Pastries, Selection of Burgers (Meat, Turkey, Ahi, Vegetarian), Hot Dogs, Fries, Burrito’s/tacos/quesadillas/tamales/chips/salsa, Sausages, Pies, Cheese steaks, Ice Cream, Shakes, Fresh Lemonade, Breakfast items and a Mexican Menu.

Will there be a place for me to buy coffee or get hot water?

There will be a coffee vendor in the food area.

Will there be electrical outlets?

There will be charging stations.

Will there be an ATM?


Can I bring my bicycle?

Yes. Find parking/locking area at your own risk. Do not lock your bike against an opening/closing of a fenced area or it will be considered surrendered forever and ever.

Can I bring the family to camp?

All campers must be 18 years of age or older or accompanied by a parent or *legal guardian. Every camper must have a Festival pass and camping pass that will be scanned upon entrance to the festival perimeter. Kids 10 & under are free with parent and do not require a pass.
*A legal guardian is NOT a parent giving a note to someone else or an older friend or sibling. That is NOT an option.  A guardianship is a legal relationship created when a person or institution is assigned by the court to take care of minor children or incompetent adults

Are generators allowed into the RV RESORT?

Only generators that have been factory installed on your RV are permitted. Indio Fire Department has banned the use of portable generators for the safety of all festival camping attendees.

Where is the nearest Gas Station and/or offsite food place?

There is a gas station about 3.6 miles away, Monroe & hwy 111. Going down Monroe towards 111 there is a drug store even closer. There are several food places up and down hwy 111.


Is that all I need to know?

Some of the information here may be updated as the festival approaches or as situations change. It is advisable to check for updates regularly or at least close to the festival before you head out. Some things do change at the last minute and we are unable to update this.

RV Rules & Info

General Rules

  • Campers are expected to behave in a manner that is courteous to other campers. All campers must abide by the Stagecoach Festival RV CODE OF CONDUCT.
  • All campers must be 18 years of age or older, with proper ID or accompanied by a parent.
  • Each camper must have a festival and camping pass that will be scanned upon entry into the camping perimeter. No pass required for children 10 & under.
  • Camping lots open 8:00 AM. There will be no access prior. Please respect the neighbors in this residential neighborhood.
  • Any prohibited item that is confiscated/surrendered at any point of entry will NOT be returned, regardless of what any security guard tells you. Don’t bring prohibited items.
  • Only Stagecoach Festival RV RESORT campers may go in/out of the venue to camping.

What is and is not allowed in the RV Resort:

  • No Chains/Chain Wallets
  • No Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia
  • No Knives/Weapons
  • No Pets
  • No Spray Paint
  • No Video Cameras/Audio
  • No Recording Devices
  • No Bota Bags
  • No Professional Cameras
  • No Portable Generators
  • No Fireworks/Explosives
  • No Golf carts, Dune Buggies, Off Road Motorcycles, Segways, Horses
  • No Wrapped / Sponsored Vehicles
  • No Guests without camping pass
  • No Camping Tents
  • Yes Backpacks
  • Yes Beach Towel
  • Yes Cigarettes
  • Yes Digital Cameras (Non-Pro)
  • Yes Disposable Cameras
  • Yes Fanny Packs
  • Yes Film Cameras (Non-Pro)
  • Yes Hats
  • Yes Lighters
  • Yes Sun Block
  • Yes Smiles
  • Yes Giant Jenga's
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