RV Policy

PLEASE BE ADVISED: No vehicles other than the RV you are sleeping in are allowed into the campground. This includes any vehicle not towing a trailer/5th wheel. If you leave, there are no RV ins/outs regardless if you have a campsite or not. If you’re towing a trailer/5th wheel and decide to unhook and drive that vehicle outside of camping, it will not be allowed back into camping. It must be parked in the companion vehicle lot (if space is still available). This is for the safety of all campers.

No RVs will be allowed into the campgrounds outside of campground hours. Hours TBA

  • There is absolutely NO re-entry. If you leave the grounds with your RV, you will not be allowed back onto the grounds.
  • You must present a valid RV RESORT pass in order to park your RV in the campgrounds.
  • Everyone in the RV must have on their valid festival wristband and camping pass that will be scanned upon entry into the camping perimeter. If anyone is found in the campgrounds without a valid festival wristband and camping pass, they will be escorted off of the grounds.
  • You may not park a vehicle other than your RV in your camping space unless that vehicle is towing a non-motorized RV (ex: 5th-Wheel). Your RV must fit into a 20×50 spot. If any part of your RV does not fit into your space you will be required to adjust or possibly remove your RV from the campgrounds.
  • NO Wrapped / Sponsored Vehicles. Your RV/Trailer/Vehicle will be turned away at the Toll Booth if it has Ads / Marketing / Sponsors / Company Logos on it.  No branded / logo’d easy ups or tents allowed. (rental company name is OK)
  • Golf carts, dune buggies, off road motorcycles, segways, horses, etc of any kind will not be allowed on the premises, or in companion parking. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Selling your RV Resort passes will result in cancellation of your entire order. RV, Show, etc… KThnxBye

If you tow your RV behind another vehicle:
You may park your RV and the vehicle that is towing your RV in your designated 20×50 spot If and Only if both vehicles fit within the outline of the designated spot. If any part of any vehicle crosses the outline of your designated spot, you will be required to re-set your vehicles. If you are unable to fit all parts of both vehicles within your spot, you will be required to remove one of the vehicles from the site.

If you choose to un-hook your RV from the vehicle by which it is being towed and drive the vehicle off-site for any reason, the vehicle will not be allowed back onto the festival grounds to pick up your RV until Sunday after 8PM. There is absolutely no exit and re-entry for any RVs or vehicles that tow RVs. If you do not purchase an RV Companion Vehicle Parking Pass and you drive the vehicle that you used to tow your RV out of the campgrounds, you will have a very difficult time finding a place to park your vehicle over-night. Please also note that vehicles left in the day- parking lots after 2AM will be towed.

If you tow another vehicle or trailer behind your RV:
Vehicles towed behind your RV are not allowed into the campgrounds. If your RV is towing a vehicle you must unhook and park the towed vehicle in companion parking before entering the campgrounds. Please note that YOU WILL NEED TO PURCHASE a companion vehicle parking pass. If you are towing a trailer (NON MOTORIZED VEHICLE) behind your RV, you must fit both your RV and Trailer within the allotted 20×50 campsite space. NO EXCEPTIONS.



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