2015 Ordering Instructions

Howdy Y’all!

This 2015 tutorial shows you an example of how to purchase General Admission festival passes and a VIP parking pass.

For a smoother purchasing experience, sign up for a Front Gate Tickets Stagecoach account HERE. You can sign up in advance up to 12 hours before passes go on sale. If you miss that, you can still sign up after the passes go on sale.

Step 1 – Accessing the ticket purchase portal

Starting at 10am on Tuesday, October 14, 2014, go to StagecoachFestival.com and click on BUY NOW. That will take you to Front Gate Tickets to begin your purchase. You may end up in a waiting room before finally landing on the purchase page.

Step 2 – What kind of passes are you buying?

Select the type of festival pass you want to purchase. You may click on either the Name of the pass or Buy Now >>


Step 3 – Prove you are human.

Depending upon when you are purchasing, you may be asked to type in some letters/numbers to prove you are human.  If not, no worries, just continue on to step 4 below:

 Step 4 – How many are you buying?

Click on the down arrow next to “Quantity” to choose the number of passes you wish to order, then click the “add to order” button.


Step 5 – Need to add more items to your shopping cart?

Next, on the My Order page, choose any additional items you want to purchase. (Shuttle Pass? VIP Parking pass?). You may click on the name of the item or ADD TO CART>>.


 Step 6 – How many more? & Finishing up your order

Next Click on the down arrow next to “Quantity” to choose the number of passes you wish to order, then click the “add to order” button.  Then when you’re done adding things to your cart, on the next screen click “secure checkout”



Step 7 – Billing info and LAYAWAY choice

On the Billing page, if you already have a Front Gate Ticket purchase account, you can click on “sign in” after you fill in your email address and password in the Express Checkout section at the top. The page will then refresh with most or all of your billing info filled in from your previous interactions.


Fill in any missing info and select to PAY IN FULL or 50% DOWN PAYMENT PLAN (layaway) near the bottom.  If this is your first time ordering, simply fill out all the info and don’t forget to select payment plan option at bottom. (PAY IN FULL or the 50% DOWN PAYMENT PLAN)


Step 8 – What next?

On the Delivery page, you just need to verify if your billing and shipping address are the same. The box is pre-checked that they are. You may click “continue” if they are the same OR uncheck the box and fill out an alternate address and then click “continue”.



The next page is the Confirm page. In order to complete your purchase, you must agree to the terms of sale by checking both boxes. You should read and understand what you are agreeing to AND verify one last time, all the items in your cart are what you are buying.

Then click “purchase”.   There are no refunds or exchanges.



Step 10 – THANK YOU!

The next page will Thank you for your order and give you an order number. WRITE THAT DOWN. You will also get a receipt emailed to you. You can also click the “printable receipt” from this page.  If you do not get an email receipt, please check your spam/bulk email folder.  If you still don’t see it in a few hours, please feel free to contact Front Gate Tickets to inquire.



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