How to purchase

Howdy! Here’s a step by step example of the new purchase process.

In this example, Betty Lou will be buying 2 Corral Reserved seats (for her and her husband), 1 GA festival pass (for her daughter) &  3 shuttle passes. She will be taking advantage of the Stagecoach payment plan by splitting her payments into 2.


Step 1 - Entering the purchase flow

Visit when passes go on sale this Friday, November 18, 2016 at 11am PST.  Click the “BUY PASSES” button to get started. The Countdown clock will turn into BUY PASSES when the on sale starts.

If you click too early, you may see something similar to this:


If you click when passes go on sale, you’ll likely see something like this…


Step 2 - Let's select the passes!

Once you get past the waiting room, you will land on this page.  Here you’ll start by selecting the type of festival pass you wish  to purchase.


After clicking on “CORRAL PASSES” tab above, you’ll see the Mane stage seating chart.  Betty Lou is clicking on section K. (Her best friend just purchased seats in that same section!)

Choose from available seats and don’t forget to click “Add To Cart”


Next, Betty Lou wants to grab a General Admission pass for her daughter.  She clicks on the “General admission” tab,
then clicks on the “General Admission” round button.


A box will pop up with a description of a GA pass and you select how many you wish to buy.  Don’t forget to click “Add to Cart”


Finally it’s time to add those Shuttle Passes.  Click on the “Shuttle” tab then click on the “Any line Shuttles” button. Notice how you can see all the items in your “shopping cart” on the right during the whole process.



Step 3 - Time to check out, create account and more - Oh my!

It’s time to check out.  Click on “CHECK OUT”


After you click check out, it will tell you to log in.  Then you get to CREATE ACCOUNT.

PLEASE NOTE: If you decide to click on the “Login with Facebook” button, it will automatically use the same email address/password you use to log into your Facebook account.  If you don’t remember what email you used for that or don’t check that email address very often, etc. we don’t recommend doing that.

We RECOMMEND choosing the CREATE ACCOUNT choice:


Then you fill out all this information and click SUBMIT


Once you click SUBMIT it flips you over to the SHIPPING INFO page.  It defaults to your billing address.  Click NO if you want to change the shipping address.  A box will pop up letting you put in an alternate shipping address.

(International folks will be able to choose “will call”).

THEN you will input your credit card info.


On this step, you also need to check the box that says “I AGREE TO THE TERMS”.  You need to READ those terms first.

This is also the step where you get to choose the Stagecoach payment plan (if you want to divide your order into 2 equal payments).  If so, click the payment plan box.

After the payment plan check box is clicked, you’ll now notice the EZ PAY terms box needs to be checked. You have to READ those terms too then click the check box.

Finally, you will click “PROCESS ORDER”


The next screen will display your receipt & order number.


That’s it!  You’ll receive this same information in a confirmation email with your purchase details.

See Y’all in April.

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