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TRASHed Recycling Store

Party with a purpose at the Global Inheritance Recycling Store!  Get wild with recyclables and you’ll ride into the sunset feeling good. You want party favors? We’re giving out Stagecoach shirts, ticket upgrades, Ferris wheel tickets, barbecue vouchers, cold water, Stagecoach posters and so much more in exchange for your empties.

Every plastic bottle & beer can located on the festival grounds or in the RV RESORT is worth a point!  Bring them to the Recycling Store, cash in your points and get hooked with tons of cool merchandise and experiences.

Every man, woman and child can participate in rounding up recyclables. There’s no excuse for not helping all the great people of Stagecoach in riding all that plastic and aluminum out of town. No days off and no excuses. The Recycling Store offers the perfect walk up lap before you hit the barbecue, the beer and the Mane Stage.

Watch out for the stampede and remember – getting TRASHed isn’t the right way… it’s the ONLY way to enjoy Stagecoach.

Recycling Store is open daily from 11am – 7pm.

As always, there are a few simple rules to follow:

  • Only cans and plastic bottles collected on the festival grounds are accepted.
  • One big prize and one small prize per person per festival.
  • No dumpster diving or bringing recyclables from home. Rule breakers will be lassoed out of the festival.
  • Prizes are limited. There’s no layaway. First come, first serve.
  • 2017 tickets are non-transferable

Have questions, thoughts, or just want to say hello? Email pb@globalinheritance.org

Click Here to check out some 2015 highlights from the Stagecoach Recycle Store.


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