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Half-Pint hootenany

Tons of fun and activities in the Half Pint Hootenanny!



Lookin‘ for more than music? Want to entertain the youngin’s? Or how about cool off? (yup, this place is air conditioned)

Mosey on over and find your Inner Cowpoke. Fun for the whole family.

Leather Crafting
Face Painting & Fun Tattooes
Blacksmith Workshops
Petting Zoo
Arts & Crafts

Open Friday-Sunday 12PM-7PM

Western Arts Showman JOHNNY HOTSHOT


Don’t miss this Armed & Hilarious performer — trick gun play, whip cracking and roping with a wit as fast as his draw. He has been called The Crowd Rustler as he travels the globe with his one man Wild West Show. See how the West should’ve been.

Party Animal Petting Zoo


Celebrity Animal Trainer JESSIE DANIELSON and her PARTY ANIMALS petting zoo will include a variety of sweet-natured animals including Dwarf Goats, a Mini-Horse, Mini Lambs, Funky Chickens, Ducks, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Farm Pigs.

Take a Photo on Henny-Penny Hootenanny!


Our famous hen will be back after her hiatus from the festival last year. Come get your festival selfie on with Henny Penny!  Don’t forget #hennypenny #stagecoach YEE HAW!


Lost little ones are no fun!

Mosey on over to the Half-Pint Hootenanny’s free TAG-A-KID service and we’ll collect your info and place a wristband on the kids. If you get separated, we can help round ‘em up!

Found children are herded back to the Half-Pint Hootenanny (until 6pm). After that, we cuff ‘em (not really!) and head ‘em up to the Hoosegow (the Police Station on site).

Big crowds can be like a giant round-up to kids — to avoid separating from them, give your kids the same advice you would if you were anywhere else: don’t go off with strangers or anyone without telling you first. If they get lost, have them ask for help from a policeman, a security steward, any festival staff with a radio, or another adult with children.



We understand you may not think of EVERYTHING you might need at a big old country music festival.  We put together some handy suggestions for y’all here.

Recent photo (in case they get lost)
Change of clothes – or two or three
Warm blankets – it really does get very cold at night
Wet wipes or anti-bacterial hand gels – those darn animals get mighty stinky

Cowboy hats
Suncreen – so there won’t be any sun-scream
Picnic blankets are great for napping
Flashlight – helps to find mom in the dark
Extra diapers!

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