Be sure to check out these attractions at Stagecoach 2017.

Coachella HonkyTonk Dance Hall

HonkyTonk Dance Hall

Air conditioned to beat the heat!

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Coachella Half-Pint Hootenanny

Half-Pint Hootenanny

Great for all ages!

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Coachella Pandora at Stagecoach

Pandora at Stagecoach

Get ready to go with our Road Trip Mix, featuring this year’s lineup, country hits and travelin’ tunes. And when it all starts, you’ll get hosted live sets, backstage interviews and



Kent Rollins cowboy Cooking Lessons & Demo’s plus acoustic performances by the next big thing in Country Music

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Coachella WILD LOVE Beauty Lounge

WILD LOVE Beauty Lounge

Need a lipstick touch-up after line dancing? Stop by the Estée Lauder Wild Love Beauty lounge to experience our NEW Pure Color Love Lipstick and more!

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Coachella See the Clydesdales LIVE

See the Clydesdales LIVE

Come see the world famous Budweiser Clydesdales every afternoon inside the Budweiser Country Club and see the full hitch in the lobby on Saturday at 12pm.

Coachella Malibu Rum Beach House

Malibu Rum Beach House

Summer comes early to the desert this year with the Malibu Rum Beach House. Cool off with frozen piña coladas, games and more! #BecauseSummer

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Coachella REPREVE #TurnItGreen

REPREVE #TurnItGreen

The REPREVE #TurnItGreen National Tour is headed to Stagecoach!

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Come visit the Budweiser Country Club for some ice cold Buds and shade, backyard games, giveaways and Budweiser Signature Draft!

Coachella POSTed Studio

POSTed Studio

Rounding Up The Very Best Artists This Side Of the Mississippi!

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Coachella Energy Playground

Energy Playground

Don’t forget to plug in with Global Inheritance and charge up your phones on the Energy Seesaws. This kinetic energy playground will keep you energized, while extending your battery life.

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Coachella Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel

Check out the jaw dropping views from the top of the ferris wheel.  This popular marriage proposal site is busiest at sunset. (Additional cost per ride.)

Coachella TRASHed Recycling Store

TRASHed Recycling Store

Get TRASHed and keep it clean at Stagecoach.

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Coachella Official Merch Booth

Official Merch Booth

Mosey on by the Stagecoach merchandise tent for official gear! We’ll have goods from your favorite Stagecoach artists all weekend long!

Coachella Toyota Thrill Ride

Toyota Thrill Ride

Ready to get a little dirty?! Take yourself Off-Road at the Toyota Thrill Ride. Test out your favorite TRD models, meet Ivan “The Ironman” Stewart and walk-away with a sweet Toyota prize!

Coachella TOYOTA MUSIC presents OASIS


Come experience OASIS – a captivating paradise in the midst of the desert!

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Coachella Barefoot Spritzers Lounge

Barefoot Spritzers Lounge

Swing by the Barefoot tent and rope in what makes you – you! From hair chalk to a fun photo booth – they’ve got a whirl of ways for you to kick up those boots with a Barefoot Refresh Spritzer can in hand!

Coachella Maui Jim Sunglasses

Maui Jim Sunglasses

Visit the Maui Jim sunglasses booth! Experience the aloha and try on a pair of premium PolarizedPlus2 sunglasses.

Coachella Monster Energy Lounge

Monster Energy Lounge

Cruise by the Monster Energy lounge and refresh with a free Monster Energy drink. Sit back & relax in our shaded hospitality area, hangout with our Monster Energy girls, and score some Monster Energy swag!

Coachella Red Vines’ Sweetest Escape

Red Vines’ Sweetest Escape

Grab your boots and stop by the Red Vines® booth to grab some free candy and goodies! Snap a picture with our custom Red Vines® VW Bus or play some games with your friends. We want to see how you live on the sweet side with Red Vines®!
Coachella Wells Fargo Stage Stops

Wells Fargo Stage Stops

When you think of Stagecoaches, who doesn’t think of Wells Fargo. Visit any of the Stage Stop locations and make your festival experience more convenient and fun!

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Eat & Drink

Coachella BBQ Contest

BBQ Contest

The annual Stagecoach BBQ Championships are always a taste treat. Teams will be selling everything from whole smoked hog to the competition meats, chicken,ribs and beef brisket. Enjoy specialty items such as pig candy, BBQ nachos, pig tacos, BBQ sliders and competition chili on Sunday.

Be sure to visit Big Dev’s, Smokey Bones, Master of Disaster and Dia De Los Puercos.

Serve Times from gates open to the headliner

Coachella The Boardwalk

The Boardwalk

Hungry yet? Visit the boardwalk in the terrace for a wide range of munchies.   Here’s a sneak peak of what you will find:

Roccos Sweet Shoppe – cookies & fruit popsicles, The Meat Cellar featuring Ribeye on a bun or chicken basil on ciabatta, Johnny McGuires fried pickles & fried twinkies, Delmy’s Cheese, steak & chicken nachos, Street Kitchen curly fries, Afters Ice Cream (featured mouthwatering ice cream photo) & Me So Hungry Chicken, short rib or shrimp sliders & more

Coachella The Cantina Restaurant

The Cantina Restaurant

This air conditioned location near the beer barn is available to guests the entire weekend.
The Cantina features buffalo wings, chili tater tots, pretzel sticks, salads, burgers, hotdogs & more

Coachella Eats / Grub / Munchies

Eats / Grub / Munchies

BBQ, vegetarian, vegan & gluten-free options available. Here’s some sneak peaks:

Monster Fries, Dog Town Dogs & tots, Wicked Main Lobster rolls + Mac & Cheese, Handcrafted Soda, The Big Pickle, I Love Spicy Pie, Sausages & Lemonade, Corndogs & Crab Fries, Roasted Corn & Baked Potato, Juice Served Here, Greek Gyro, Big Mozz, Las Casuelas, Rocs Sliders, Kogi TacosGerards Paella , CV BBQ, Fresh Cut Fruit, Ruths Chris, Black Bean Ice Cream, Wings & Waffles, Southern Fried Vegan, Ahimsa Caravan truck – coffee, espresso & more

Coachella Full bars

Full bars

There will be full bars for spirit cocktails & beer in all of the beer areas. Check back closer to festival dates for more details.

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